Reimagining Early Childhood Education: Politics and Policies that Support High Quality and Equity, Across Communities, Contexts, and Cultures

  • 6/11 Project Zero workshop for potential exhibition group discussion volunteers
  • 6/27 Boston University Early Childhood Learning Lab Spring Showcase


Connecting with Communities-Making Learning Visible Across Contexts and Communities for Children and Families Visible (Summer Community Events and Pop-Ups in Various Neighborhoods)

  • 7/14 Early Childhood Consortium at Wonder of Learning with Lisa Kuh and Heidi Given
  • 7/22 – 7/24 The Paradigm Project and Wonder of Learning Boston. Register here.


Recognizing the Environment as Third Teacher-Spaces, Materials and Provocations

  • School Tours Creating Spaces Where Children Can Learn Best, at various schools, coordinated by BARIN
  • Evolution of Environments Over the Course of a Year, at Lincoln Nursery School, facilitated by Mark Welther
  • 8/16 – 8/17 Messing about in Science with Barry Kluger Bell: Inquiry and Exploration inspired by David and Frances Hawkins and Reggio Emilia. Register here.


Creating Communities of Learning-Children as Citizens

  • Wonder of Learning for Family Childcare Providers: a workshop offered specifically to the family childcare provider network in the Greater Boston area (September or October)
  • Exhibit Design as Communication: Exhibit Design/Documentation/Design, at Lesley University College of Art + Design, taught by Kristina Lamour Sansone, Lella Gandini, Julie Bernson
  • Boston Public School Workshops, coordinated by Marina Boni and Marie Enochty


Supporting Emergent Curriculum-Teacher as Researcher

  • Saturday TBD Rounds at The Wonder of Learning with Steve Seidel
  • Pedagogy of Listening-Guiding Instruction Based on Careful Observation with TBD
  • 10/27 Curiosity and Learning Conference: Inspirations from David and Frances Hawkins, at Wheelock, coordinated by Stephanie Cox Suarez
  • 10/21 or 10/28 Hebrew College Workshop with Rachel Raz


Making Learning Visible- Documenting Children as Capable

  • 11/1 An Evening at The Wonder of Learning with Project Zero
  • Local Exhibit, Documentation Studio at Wheelock and Lesley University, coordinated by Stephanie Cox Suarez

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“Quality starts with creating a thriving village of adults who are prepared, supported and compensated to impact children and one another. If tomorrow’s policies do not support and elevate those adults in the early education field, they will falter in the support they mean to provide for children.”
Nonie Lesaux & Stephanie Jones