Expanded Partners

In addition to the continued offerings from the Wonder of Learning Boston professional development committee and BARIN, many of our partners and consultants continue to offer professional development and educational opportunities.

Local Partner Organizations

Our success was in large part due to the incredible network already in Boston, including many groups and organizations:

  • Documentation Studio
  • Creativity Commons at Lesley
  • Hawkins Group 
  • Beautiful Stuff
  • Project Zero
  • Rounds
  • Cadwell Collaborative
  • Early Childhood Consortium

Local Research

As part of our conversation with Tiziana Filippini, we agreed to explore the “Image of the Child in our Context.” How do we see children in Boston and New England? How do we see their rights? 

Continued Dialogues

Many teacher-researchers who have been working in this way for many years, were kind enough to share their insight and expertise. If you are looking for a workshop through BARIN and WOL, you can connect you with some of these incredible local pedagogists who shared their work at the Wonder of Learning.

Wonder of Learning Presenters

Amanda Wiehe Lopes, Book Talk
Amber Lowe, Introductions
Anne Douglass, Book Talk
Barbara Acton, WOL with Infants and NAREA Day
Ben Draper, Alternative School Settings
Ben Mardell, Book Talk, Project Zero
Betty Bardige, Book Talk
Cady Audette, Introductions and Leadership
Christine Heer, Alternative School Settings
Cris West, Social Learning
Daniel Wilson, Project Zero
David Ramsey, Dialogue with Materials
Hilary Odoy, Dialogue with Spaces
Iris Ponte, Complementary Curriculum Approach
Isabela Garcia Senent, Introductions in Spanish and English
Jane Lannak, Introductions
Jeanne Goldhaber, NAREA Day

Julie Bernson, Materials
Katie Higgins-White, Dialogue with Materials
Kelly Pellagrini, Introductions and Leadership Groups
Kerry McDonald, Alternative School Settings
Kim Lee Ripley, WOL with Infants
Kristina Lamour, Documentation
Lisa Fiore, Lesley University Day
Lisa Henderson, Alternative School Settings
Lisa Kuh, Complementary Curriculum Approach
Louise Cadwell, Book Talk
Lucinda Burk, Social Learning
Maggie Van Camp, Materials, WOL with Infants, Alternative School Settings
Mara Krechevsky, Project Zero
Marina Boni, Dialogue with Materials
Marina Seevak, Dialogue with Materials
Mark Weltner, Materials and Environment
Mary Geisser, Materials
Mary Mindess, Guided Tours and Overview

Megina Baker, Introductions, Project Zero, Book Talk
Meg Kuker, Materials
Melissa Rivard, Project Zero, WOL with Infants
Michelle Bissanti, Mindfulness
Peter Gray, Alternative School Settings
Rachel Raz, Introductions
Sara Yessenow, Guided Tours and Overview
Stephanie Cox Suarez, Introductions and Documentation
Steve Seidel, Project Zero
Sue Twombly, Exhibit Maintenance, Lesley University Day
Suzanne Bouffard, Book Talk
Teddy Kokoros, Early Childhood Education Political Advocacy
Terri Turner, Project Zero
Yvonne Liu-Constant, Introductions in Mandarin and English, Wonder of Science