Group Visits to the Exhibition Ongoing June-November

Prior to the opening of “The Wonder of Learning” exhibition, Project Zero researchers will facilitate a workshop for volunteers for group visits to the exhibition on an ongoing basis.  During this workshop, volunteers will preview the exhibition together and develop prompts, questions, and strategies, drawing on Project Zero thinking routines, in order to facilitate group discussions that accompany group visits[IG1] and support their ability to make connections between the values and experiences represented in the exhibit and those of the children, educators[IG2] and families in their own educational communities. These volunteers will be individuals knowledgeable about the work of Reggio Emilia.  Specific dates and times when volunteers will be available will be posted on the Wonder of Learning Boston website, and will be offered at least twice monthly throughout the exhibition’s stay in Boston

An Introduction to “The Wonder of Learning” Exhibit

Offered monthly, June-November Hosted by BARIN, Boston University Wheelock College of Education and Child Development and other local universities, these monthly, two-hour-long evening sessions will offer participants the opportunity to gain an introduction to the ideas behind Reggio Emilia’s early childhood programs and to view the exhibition with knowledgeable educators from the Boston area who have been inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach.  The same content will be offered repeatedly each month, facilitated by members of the Wonder of Learning Boston Professional Development Committee.  Early childhood educators from across all sectors, administrators, and families will all be encouraged to attend.

Wonder of Learning 101 Course

A professional development offering coordinated by partners across public school districts, and higher education institutions, to be offered in a range of communities in the spring of 2018 in anticipation of the exhibition’s opening in June. (March-May)

Wonder of learning 102 Course

This course will be a study group following the WOL 101 (above), also offered by partners across public school districts in the area.  This course will meet at the exhibition, with a guided viewing of specific elements followed by focused conversations and concrete connections to teaching practice.  The course will culminate in a showcase of participants’ learning at the Documentation Studio at Boston University.

Thanks to the generous work of volunteers on the professional development committee, the following additional events have been developed to support educators at all stages of development.  These events are consistent with the values and purpose of “The Wonder of Learning” exhibit, and allow us to support a growing “calendar of events” to explore best practices.

Ongoing Opportunities

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Wise Words

“Quality starts with creating a thriving village of adults who are prepared, supported and compensated to impact children and one another. If tomorrow’s policies do not support and elevate those adults in the early education field, they will falter in the support they mean to provide for children.”
Nonie Lesaux & Stephanie Jones