Professional Development

Our Goals

As the largest professional development undertaking in Boston’s history, the Wonder of Learning Boston 2018 will:

Inspire ongoing dialogue between educators, children, parents, policy makers, and the community about early childhood education with innovation and equity in mind

Shine a spotlight on Boston area early childhood programs, the Boston Public Schools, and other programs to make their students’ work visible

Provide professional development conferences, seminars, workshops, and other opportunities that present the best practices in early childhood education, with particular attention to reaching and celebrating educators in undeserved and underrepresented communities

We and our partners at leading schools, universities, and cultural institutions will offer a range of low and no cost programs in Boston and throughout the region, including:

• Conference days on a variety of topics
• Visits with Reggio Emilia educators
• Talks with leading local and international scholars
• Seminars and graduate classes
• Book talks
• Interactive workshops
• Performances for families
• Hands-on experiences and ateliers for all ages
• Visits to public and private Reggio inspired schools
• Showcases of student work
• Keynotes and panel discussions
• Pop-ups at partner sites
• Film screenings and discussions

A bold plan to educate 15,000 educators from the heart of Boston and beyond so they are empowered to provide the highest quality programs for children.

Crossing Contexts, Cultures, & Communities

We are building a diverse catalogue of accessible professional development experiences for educators, parents, policy makers, researchers, and other stakeholders from Maine to Rhode Island, from home-based centers to Head Starts, from public schools to community-based programs, and from urban to rural settings.

This opportunity coincides with Boston’s commitment to equitable Universal Pre-Kindergarten and to providing educators across settings with high quality professional development and coaching.


Topics & Themes

Educators will be invited to return regularly for events focusing on monthly themes that may include:

JUN: Reimagining Early Childhood Education—Policy & Practice
JUL: Connecting with Communities—Making Children and Families Visible (Summer Community Events and Pop-Ups)
AUG: Recognizing the Environment as Third Teacher—Spaces, Materials, and Provocations
SEP: Creating a Community of Learning—Children as Citizens
OCT: Supporting Emergent Learning—Teacher as Researcher
NOV: Making Learning Visible—Documentation

Monthly conference day topics may include:

JUN: Reimagining Childhood: Sharing Stories from the Boston and Reggio Emilia Contexts—Policy and Practice
JUL: Child as Visible—Celebration of Children, Families, Neighborhoods, and Communities
AUG: Environments for Children—Creating Spaces Where Children Can Learn
SEP: Materials Day
OCT: Pedagogy of Listening—Guiding Instruction Based on Careful Observation
NOV: Making Learning Visible—Sharing Documentation of Projects

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Wise Words

“Quality starts with creating a thriving village of adults who are prepared, supported and compensated to impact children and one another. If tomorrow’s policies do not support and elevate those adults in the early education field, they will falter in the support they mean to provide for children.”
Nonie Lesaux & Stephanie Jones